BurningAngel: Rachel, Haircuts and Messages

Sometimes a photoset is just a way of displaying a hot lady in an interesting situation, sometimes it’s more. This particular set has one feature of beautiful Rachel jumping immediately to the eye: her shaved head.

While modern society accepts men with long hair and women with short hair, there is still a strong association of long hair and beauty, especially feminine beauty. A shaved head on a woman becomes therefore an aggressive statement, a clear message that one’s beauty does not wish to conform to socially acceptable parameters, but express itself in accordance to one’s personality, taste and image of oneself. Oh, my, that’s ‘alternative’ in case it wasn’t clear already. And as you can see for yourself, there’s nothing in Rachel’s personality, taste and image that will let you think she is any less than a hot beautiful woman.

Burning Angel writes:

Rachael Madori shaved her head so she could be more aerodynamic for her double penetration. Okay, I made that up but this girl is fucking FIERCE. We already miss her in pornos!

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