Do nipples taste metallic? Heidiv asks the right questions

I’m sipping my afternoon tea and enjoying my day in the company of Heidiv. She’s got everyone in her room giggling. The topic is dirty talk and why some cam girls do it so well and are so natural about it, while she’s more of shake your titties to the cam kinda girl. I’m good with that as I’m tittie wobble and a good talk kinda girl as well. The topic somehow naturally, in Heidiv marvelous mind, lead to the big question: the taste in your mouth after you suck on some nipples. According to our lady of the hour it’s metallic. I think is more a hint of sea water kinda vibe 😉

As always you get your fill of Heidiv sexiness with quality boob shaking and hula hooping. All in all, everything you’d expect from her show <3

Sexy Cam Girl writes:


I’m heidi, 23 year old australian MyFreeCams girl with way too many videos.

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