Femmexfatale Is Blue In All The Right Places

Femmexfatale is a blue-haired cutie who is not shy at all. I know this because It’s made clear early on that the blue hair on top of her head is matched by a blue strip between her legs.

Speaking of between her legs, Femmexfatale has the classic ohmibod shoved deep inside of her, so tips equal pleasure for this lovely young woman.

There’s something about piercings below the lips that I can’t handle… something so sexy about them that I stop short in my tracks when I see a woman sporting them. That’s the case with Femmexfatale. Her completely naked body doesn’t hurt, either. I’d stop on a dime if I walked past her standing there naked.

Especially if she was teasing her wet pussy like she is here. How much further will she go?

Chaturbate Profile:

Birth Date: Dec. 24, 1992
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Interested In: Men, Women, Couples
Location: Germany

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