Taboo Regina (Canada) Final Day

But don’t worry, if you’re going to miss it, they come back every year you’ll just have to wait until 2018 for all the awesome stuff they have to offer!

So, let me tell you a little bit about all the amazing vendors who are there, because there are deals like 4 items for $44, and surprise bags for $55 (taxes included) for over $200 worth of goodies.

But there was one aspect of Taboo Regina that really peaked my interest. The Dungeon.
This place was actually on the top floor, not in a dungeon but it was so cool up there. From rope play to whips and everything inbetween- this place had it. And all that stuff was awesome, and pretty damn gorgeous but I want to talk for a second about the company running the dungeon. NoirLuna Leather. Just read this which I stole off their About Us page. “NoirLuna Leather began with a precocious kinkling at the ripe age of 19 for one very simple reason – she was kinky and wanted toys she couldn’t afford. It probably helped that she was one of those annoying, hands on, crafty sorts, and had been sewing, knitting, doing woodwork, since she was five.”

Yesterday I saw some of her whips that were over five years old and they still looked brand new. From what I heard, they got a lotta use, too.

There were also The Pink Champagne Girls there who “are comprised of six stunning Saskatchewan dancers, and is the only exotic entertainment experience in the province that is 100% female owned and operated.” and I will say, without a doubt, were one of the best highlights of the day. These girls kicked ass on stage.

Speaking of girls who kicked ass on stage, there was also a set from RoseBud Burlesque who likes to say they are putting the “tease” back in striptease- and I think everyone at Taboo Regina would agree with that!

Honestly, the whole place was awesome. It was busy, it was fun, it was friendly and there were so many awesome, nice, sweet people there. For real, everyone I talked to was so warm and welcoming, so nice, and so excited to be there and part of the Taboo community! God, I got so many amazing pictures I want to use every single one of them, but I think it would be a little much so I’ll have to settle for just using a few of my favorites.

This gorgeous body jewelry is by Cyren Pink is just an example of all the awesome stuff that was there (Also, no piercings needed for these lovely pieces!)

Again, a huge shoutout to Christine, Dawn, and everyone I met there! Without all the amazing people who put this show on, or the wonderful people who came to the show- it wouldn’t have been half as kick ass as it was. Now, if you’re reading this and you live anywhere near this, you should get that butt of yours in a car and get over to the last day of the show (starts at 1:00) and if you can’t, don’t worry. Taboo Red Deer is coming up March 17-19th and it sounds like there is a pretty awesome lineup.

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