DawnAvril: Southern Comfort

When it comes to photo shoots, we often see beautiful nudes. Not so often, however, we happen around hot dressed women as in this set. I think that when a woman is able to be so irresistibly sexy wearing a lumberjack shirt and jeans, she is proving to the world her highest quality.

A few shots in the garden, all extremely simple and famliar: a garden hose on the ground, abandoned kid’s toys, and beautiful DawnAvril taking off her everyday’s clothes for our viewing pleasure. I simply can’t get enough of Dawn Avril, her ass and the curve of her hip are in the empyrean of perfection, paired with the diffused lighting given by the outdoor shooting is perfect to bring all of her beauty out.

DawnAvril writes:

Hi!! Welcome to my dungeon! You’re entering the world of a hot rocker chick that likes to play around 🙂

I’ll do almost anything.. ALMOST… no one cup bullshit. HAHA! I love teasing you by teasing myself. I like fucking myself, fucking phil-flash, and kissing hot chicks… or fucking them.. whatever. I’m addicted to Phil’s cock.

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