BurningAngel: Small Hands Wows Anna Bell Peaks With Flowers and a Guitar

I’ll be honest with you about something. I love both Anna Bell Peaks and Small Hands, I mean come on they are both smokin’ hot- two of my favorites out there, hands down and crappy pun intended. So, being able to see them both together is awesome. This video is actually one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Love the flowers and love the guitar aspect of it. And can we please just talk about those shoes?

Now, all doubts aside about the awesomeness of Small Hands and Anna Bell Peaks and let’s talk about the amount of tattoos they both have because I’ll be honest, it’s one of the things that make them both so hot. The tough part is finding a favorite tattoo on them both. For Anna Bell Peaks, it’s gotta be the bows right by her butt.

Burning Angel writes:

Small Hands fell in lust with Anna Bell Peaks this one time she fucked his friend and squirted her girl jizz all over HIS back, because she wasn’t quite finished getting off yet. He couldn’t take his mind off this, so he wrote her a song, gave her flowers.. It was this whole grand romantic gesture that worked like a charm! They say chivalry is dead, by my count, Anna Bell soaked him in a waterfall of lady juices from orgasming more than a dozen times, which Small Hands lapped up like a thirsty jungle cat. He’s a real gentleman, and romance exists!

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