Cosmid: Sammie Jo, Hello Sexy.

My first thought? Hello, sexy

Like, really this is full on freakin’ sexy, I’m just going to say it. Not like, kinky sexy, though. Like slip and stockings sexy and I have to admit, I dig that. Sammie Jo has a cheeky grin through most of these photos and I love it. Honestly, I love everything about these photos. From the eyes, to the makeup. The smile to the clothes- and lack of once she start taking them off! From her boobs, to her bangs, to her butt- this brown haired girl doesn’t seem to have a single thing that I’m not liking! Sammie Jo has an absolutely beautiful body- like I don’t see a single flaw on her and she just looks like she;s having such a fun time doing this photo shoot- it makes it hard to look away!I have to admit, I think Sammie Jo is one of my new favorites.

Cosmid writes:

This girl has got just an amazing body. I mean when she takes this dress off and the light hits those curves just right it is amazing. I am not just talking about the big curves either, I mean just the way it reflects off that perfect belly, or those legs, just an amazing girl.


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