GodsGirls: Sharle Is The Perfect Valentine’s Bae

This gallery is really a projection into the future for the lucky ones out there. If you have a partner this good looking and this willing to be in the same bed with a thorny rose, you’ve struck gold. In this shoot by GodsGirls, Sharle impresses your mind and captivates your heart with her secretive and yet beautiful being. Imagine – you bring your date home after the classic dinner and a movie, you’re both having a great time, you start taking off your clothes… And what happens? Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore – Sharle happens.

She slides off her dress, revealing her numerous tattoos, one of which plainly describes her as perfect. The rose petals on the bed scatter as she plays with the covers, her smile glimmers seductively as she takes the last bit of clothing off and reveals herself entirely. She brushes a rose on her lips and you both take a last look in the mirror. Cut scene, Valentine’s day continues.

GodsGirls: Sharle Is The Perfect Valentine's Bae
GodsGirls writes:

Name: Sharle
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single
Sexy Orientation: Not Sure
Occupation: Barista and online nudie model
Hometown: Where the wild things are, Australia !
Sign: Leo
About Me: just a small town girl living in a lonely world
Why Im a GodsGirl: because it’s amazingly awesome and why not ?
Superhero Power: Teleportation, all my friends live thousands of miles away
Sexual fantasy: Working in a dungeon is a big one
Hobbies: Drawing, hanging out with my dog
Music: I love mash ups and remixes but im prettt eclectic .
Movies: Jurassic Park is my all time favourite film. I can watch it with you and recite every line.
Books: Anything by Michael Crichton. Neil Gaiman or JRR Tolkien.
TV: Funny. Especially cartoons. Especially Adventure Time.
Art: James Jean, Audrey Kawasaki.
Food: Ice Cream is my ultimate food choice.
Birthday: Aug 12
Who I Idolize: Myself. lol. No but seriously.
Goals: to be comfortable being me
Bedtime attire: it’s too hot to wear clothes where I live

GodsGirls: Sharle Is The Perfect Valentine's Bae
GodsGirls: Sharle Is The Perfect Valentine's Bae
GodsGirls: Sharle Is The Perfect Valentine's Bae

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