GodsGirls: Anastassia is the antidote to Valentines

I hate to bring it up again because you’re probably sick of hearing it, but Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry, I can recommend the perfect antidote to all the commercial, saccharine sweetness that comes along with that made up holiday.
Anastassia has a new photoset up over at Gods Girls that posits that perhaps there is a better way to celebrate. Donning a long vibrant pink wig and matching underwear, Anastassia looks anything but sickly sweet. With a matching pink ball gag in her mouth and a defiant but undeniably sexy look in her eye the tattooed and unshaven model strips, posing with a series of increasingly ludicrous Valentines paraphernalia, including an over-sized card only a 9th grader would think was a good romantic gesture.
So buck the trend this V Day, and rather than buying a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates, take in the sights at Gods Girls and order a daring pink ball gag online.

GodsGirls: Anastassia is the antidote to Valentines
GodsGirls writes:

I want to be surrounded by puppies and kittens while being hand fed white chocolate covered strawberries and watching Dr. Who

GodsGirls: Anastassia is the antidote to Valentines
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