Cosmid: Katie B is Freakin’ Incredible

I think Katie B is the kind of bad ass bitch I wish I was.

Just look at her. She’s freakin’ gorgeous and she totally owns this shoot. There is no sign of lack-of-confidence in her and I love it. I love the hair, too. Gosh, nice hair just makes me fall in love with a girl and Katie B has gorgeous hair. You know what else is gorgeous? The lingerie that Katie B is wearing in this set. Take a look for yourself, tell me it’s not adorable, I dare you! But maybe I’m just a sucker for the gloves she’s got on. This girl is major props for the outfit she’s got on and for the whole shoot. She hit the nail on the head with it.

Cosmid writes:

This girl just keeps getting cuter, another thing that keeps getting cuter is the lingerie that she is wearing in her shoots. I love this little sheer underwear that she has. She is just beautiful.


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