BurningAngel: Phoebe Phelpz The New Girl

This is Phoebe Phelpz. And these are some of her first BurningAngel pics. I love being able to help welcome gorgeous goth ladies to the scene, although I’m very sure this black haired, pale skinned, tattooed chicka has already been given a warm (and wet?) welcome!

This set is full on spunky with a side of punk rock and fishnets. Could you ask for me? How about a stellar outfit (that gets taken off) and a choker? And major shoutout for that awesome BurningAngel vest. There is no doubt, this shoot gets two happy thumbs up! And one thing is for sure, I’m a fan, while there isn’t much out there on Phoebe Phelpz yet, I eagerly look forward to seeing more and more.

Burning Angel writes:

Meet Phoebe Phelpz, the latest very sexy goth babe with an affinity for applying sunblock and showing off her tattoos in the nude adorning her creamy complexion! You’re going to enjoy this lovely creature of the night.

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