Bad Max: Masuimi Max- the Goth Hades!

Masuimi Max is a bad-ass, and the queen of latex clothing, and today’s photo set is more than enough evidence to that. She has a beautiful long black dress, that emphasizes her perfect boobs and ever gorgeous body, fitting her like a second skin. And just wait until you see those big boobs and round ass all wrapped up in black latex!

Apparently Masuimi Max took these pictures for Halloween, but she, like most of us around here, does’t need a reason to goth up and make everything dark and beautiful.

After a few shots of every single curve of her smoking hot body in that latex dress, she slowly takes it off, teasing the hell out of the viewer. Make sure you check the whole photo set, Masuimi Max is especially dark and seductive in this one!

Masuimi Max writes:

Boils and Ghouls.. welcome to my favorite holiday of the year! Well, not really a holiday.. Halloween is EVERYDAY for me! Who needs an excuse to get dressed up…or undressed?

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