GodsGirls: Nice Girl Saya

Someone must have been pretty nice this year, as Good’ole Santa just showered her with presents. Now, I’m not one to argue with the bearded sleigh driver, myself (I do want my toys as well, after all), but given the choice of toys he brought, next year Saya will probably switch to the Naughty section.

Buttplugs and Glass dildos (which is henceforward my favourite exclamation) spring out from the boxes, and like anyone who gets a present, she’s very eager to try them on immediately.

Saya is great to look at, a cute Asian beauty with the right amount of cuteness and some very interesting tattoos (including a chimera that looks inspired by the chimera of Arezzo, one of my favourite versions of the beast!).

GodsGirls writes:

I’ve always enjoyed photography and became enchanted with art nudes. I wanted to be a part of something beautiful. GodsGirls has the best community, diversity, and creativity.

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