Burning Angel: Rooftop Latex Show

Exhibitionism has its certain sinful charm. There is something intriguing in displaying oneself in public, something that has to do with breaking rules, with advertising one’s body and self and with the sheer thrill of the consequences.

Beautiful Joanna Angel must have felt this thrill, as she showed up her great tattoos on a rooftop along what looks like a West Coast street, and just to avoid blending with the surroundings, she did so in a fiery red latex dress. Drivers must have risked their neck when she got even that off and was left dressed only with smooth skin and coloured ink.

Her colours are in great contrast with the grey dirty concrete and dark rusty supports of the rooftop; a great setting to bring her beauty out.

Burning Angel writes:

My friend Holly Randall and I went up to the roof for a little slightly nude-in-public fun in this gorgeous red Syren Latex dress from The Stockroom. I may or may not have been naked during rush hour on top of a building – you’ll just have to wonder whether or not you actually did see me with my tits out or whether it was a bird, a plane, or superman!

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