Sexy freak Kota_Morgue celebrating 7 years of camming

Kota_Morgue is a striking girl. You can not miss her – unique, kooky, creepy,.. you name it. She’s always made up to perfection with her makeup, hair and outfits; I’m especially a fan of her makeup and tattoos which are just outta this world <3 She isn't only a badass cam girl, she's super creative in many fields, including her awesome custom made jewelry pieces.
..I will slowly stop fan-girling her now.

Anyways it's a special time for her right now as she's celebrating 7 years on cam. That's pretty impressive for someone as young as her! Her years of experience have no doubt gathered quite a following. Tonight she's in a great mood; just chilling, talking, vaping, and flashing her piece-of-art body. Kota_Morgue‘s never been shy and tonight we’re getting an amazing view of her ass and pussy.

Come say hi…she only bites a little 😉

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Sky, 24.chameleon, leather crafter, and cam model since 2010. creep for lifee.

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