DawnAvril: A Steaming Shower!

With the cold winter coming upon us on its white raven wings (nerd ref 🙂 ), a hot shower becomes a wonderful way to chase off the chill from the bones and relax.

But should you happen to shower in Dawn Avril’s house, pay attention that the temperature may easily rise from hot to steaming! Showering full naked in good company of a suction-cup dildo, the way water runs along her black hair and sensual body is enough to raise your body temperature a few degrees. It’s very hard to watch Dawn Avril without feeling a sudden urge of ripping one’s clothes off and join her in a scalding shower.

DawnAvril writes:

Hi!! Welcome to my dungeon! You’re entering the world of a hot rocker chick that likes to play around 🙂

I’ll do almost anything.. ALMOST… no one cup bullshit. HAHA! I love teasing you by teasing myself. I like fucking myself, fucking phil-flash, and kissing hot chicks… or fucking them.. whatever. I’m addicted to Phil’s cock.

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