BurningAngel: Gage Sin and Saya Song Do Yoga

Alrighty, I want to start off by saying that for anyone into the stepsibling thing- this one’s for ya. Anyone who is super against it, you might want to check something else out. Fair warning.

We all know that we probably need to be a little more active, and maybe this BurningAngel video will inspire you to get out there and get a yoga mat- after seeing it, I’ve gotta say there were some interesting looking positions! Gage Sin and Saya Song do an awesome job at keeping the video interesting. I mean, when you’re getting into something where you think it should be more than just ‘run of the mill’ you have high expectations- and these two do a great job at surpassing them. Not to mention both Gage Sin and Saya Song are freakin’ hot. I wish I could show you some of the hot scenes of this video- but alas you will just have to go see for yourself.

Burning Angel writes:

Gage Sin was watching the game with his friend, and didn’t bat an eye when his stepsister Saya began doing yoga, fully nude, in front of him and his friend – it’s her MOM’S house after all! His buddy couldn’t vibe and left when Saya suggested they needed to relax and find their centers, insisting they stretch with her. As it turns out, Gage’s center is right in the middle of his stepsister’s tight pussy! Nothing inspires a feeling of peace, like getting a piece of your sister’s ass and jizzing on her neatly trimmed bush!


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