Burning Angel: Joanna’s Referee’s Reference

It’s always pleasant to set one’s eyes upon a photoshoot starring Joanna Angel. This is something that goes well beyond the (pretty obvious) fact that she is a beautiful woman. Actually, this has much more to do with her class and her ability to present always new stimulating ideas.

In this particular BurningAngel set, she has chosen to look like a referee (not the black outfit ones of soccer many of us are used to, the striped outfit ones as is custom in the United States), but it’s definitely the kind of referee that does not deter foul play (quite the contrary, in fact). A simple, straightforward show of Joanna’s sexy body and beautiful tattoos. That’s my favourite game!

Burning Angel writes:

Hold it right there! You’ve earned a yellow card and need to take a timeout inside my penalty box. And by my penalty box, I mean my vagina.

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