GothicSluts: Dorothy Perkins Pops In Green

Do you like hot girls? I’m assuming that will be a yes. Do you like balloons? Ok, this answer might be a little more divided but what if we add the hot girls to the balloons? I’m guessing the majority will say: “Hell yeah!” Well, the equally adorable and gorgeous Dorothy Perkins comes to the rescue! in this set for GothicSluts you will be able to see her surrounded by green making her magenta hair and lovely pale skin pop even more.

And speaking of popping, since she is feeling festive, she would love it if you watch her blow up some balloons to keep the party spirit alive. Wearing nothing but stockings and a garter belt, but tons of green accesories Dorothy bends, twists and smiles her way through this picture where amongst other things we catch her magnificent pussy and delightful tits, while she uses a chair in very imaginative ways.

With eyes that will melt your heart and a banging body that will make you hard, you’ll want to celebrate alongside Dorothy Perkins over at GothicSluts. Don’t lie, want to party with her too.

GothicSluts: Dorothy Perkins Pops In Green
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Happy New Year, everyone! Here is the beautiful Dorothy Perkins with festive party balloons! Tonight, I plan to reflect on 2014 and work on resolutions for 2015. If you all are out in the world, please be safe and have fun!

GothicSluts: Dorothy Perkins Pops In Green

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