Burning Angel: Hot Wet Spanish Love

I admit it, I am quite partial in writing about this set, as it features a good friend of mine. No, I’m not talking about gorgeous couple Small Hands and Silvia Rubi, I’m talking about the Mediterranean Sea.

I drive by its waters every day, hearing the stories it tells of centuries of war, strife, piracy, ancient civilizations and – of course – lust.

It is the perfect frame for this video, as the waves crush on the background sexy Silvia and a great Small Hands get carried away by its whispers and enjoy hot wild sex on a secluded beach cave. You can feel all of the calor of Spain and its beautiful waters while you enjoy this tattooed couple and you can feel all the passion, the attraction and the desire in every frame.

Burning Angel writes:

Small Hands and Spanish tattooed beauty Silvia Rubi fell in love in Ibiza. It was so romantic – they swam and made out in the ocean, then snuck off into a secluded beach cave hidden from view, where they began to make hardcore sex to each other’s quivering loins. Silvia deep throated his cock to start, they 69’d, and she whispered sweet nothings en Espanol to her dearest, as he plunged his meat into her velvet wallet. Their intense eye contact as she rides him cowgirl makes me so wet! I feel like I’m in the middle of a modern romance novel.

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