DawnAvril: Contrasting Beautiful Curves.

In this age of overflowing colors, there’s a reason black and white photography endures. Forced out the distracting presence of chroma, black and white images bring out shapes and expressions through the sole use of contrasts, enhancing them, which works splendidly when you have such an interesting subject as DawnAvril.

The natural contrast of her pale skin against her dark hair – complemented with dark clothing and makeup – almost “sketches” her in these pictures, making her appear almost like an inked artpiece of people the calibre of Frank Miller. I simply love when a woman beautiful and sexy as Dawn Avril is portrayed in such a visually appealing way: the two things together lead to a complete satisfaction of the eye.

DawnAvril writes:

I love showing off my pretty little feet, bare, socked, heeled, hosed… all things feet, I even suck my cute little toes sometimes. I’ve got a few fetishes of my own that no one really knows about.. Soooo take a little walk with me while I explore all of the dirty little things that secretly turn me on 🙂

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