Razor Candi And The Christmas Tree

Razor Candi has a habit of creating some gorgeous, artful, and damn sexy sets and today it’s not different. And it’s the perfect thing to get me into the Christmas mood, which is saying a lot.

White hair, black lingerie, and so many lights- I love the light mood going on here, and anything that involves Christmas lights on a girl, I’m sold for when you through in an inverted pentagram it just gets all the better. But one thing is for sure when it comes to Razor Candi, whether you celebrate Christmas or not this girl inspires something- and differently inspires me to try something new with Christmas lights! And to think, she does it with just an iphone!

Razor Candi writes:

Though there is no real snow in this set I still felt it was a fitting name because something about it just makes me think of snow. I’m relieved I was able to shoot this Christmas set in the midst of my busy move. I put my new Iphone to work again and I’m pretty happy with the result! I hope you enjoy my spooky twist on this Holiday set, if you know anything about my work you’d know I like to try and keep it pretty alternative and dark 😉

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