GodsGirls: Kvlt and the Nutcracker

Kvlt is celebrating her her one year anniversary as a model at GodsGirls. Hurray!

This special set has a very nice theme, our dear model is dressed as a princess, wearing a white shirt and a soft pink ballerina tutu skirt. The makeup is subtle and playful and fits the scene just right.

As most of previous sets, this one also has a special guest, and since it’s the season to be jolly, the guest is the nutcracker. I must say I really enjoy her passion for these little fellas.

After taking a few poses and kissing her little nutcracker, she takes of her shirt, revealing her big pale breasts. Then she takes of her tutu and gets more acquainted with the nutcracker, and plays around with a little ax.

Merry XXXmas and happy anniversary!

GodsGirls writes:

Today is a very very special day to me and I’m so very excited to be celebrating it with you guys! One year ago today I woke up at like 5 AM to see that I had made it through Purgatory and that I was a GodsGirl

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