GodsGirls: Oola is having a day in bed with her camera

Oola might not be a natural redhead, and okay, her bed might be a little messy, but do you really care when she looks this good? For her latest set over at Gods Girls she is channeling the spirit of the burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee, or maybe she is just dreaming of being off sleeping under the stars in a gaudy caravan.

The naturally lit set begins with Oola laid back on her bed in a shocking pink babydoll only a couple of shades different from her fiery red hair. To start, she is unsure what she wants to show off more, her collection of vintage cameras or her voluptuous body. Thankfully she chooses to ditch the cameras. Then she loses the babydoll, and the matching pink underwear underneath.


Oola says she has a wanderlust, but looking at this set we wonder what’s wrong with just staying home in bed every once in a while.

GodsGirls writes:

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