GodsGirls: Jes is a sexy coffee enthusiast

Don’t know about you, but I am helpless without my coffee, and so seems to be this pretty coffee lover, Jes, who puts coffee before anything else, and even has two awesome T-shirts that say “but first, coffee”and “death before decaf”. So, after making a generous cup of delicious coffee, she lays down in bed, flirting with the camera, taking off her first t-shirt to put the second one on, but not before stopping to take a few sips of coffee of course.

After you see this hot photo set of Jes you’ll wish you had your morning coffee with her, in bed, she is so steamy!
Jes loves coffee so much, she even has two small tattoos, one with a coffee cup and one of a portafilter basket. Check out her hot pictures on GodsGirls!

GodsGirls writes:

Coffee. Vegan/Raw-ish. I work out. Crazy cat lady. Pitbull mom.

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