GothicSluts: Mia Is My Inspiration


One word. My first thought when I saw this set. Wow, it’s gorgeous. This set, to me, screams Taylor Momsen and I have a confession: I’ve had a crush on her since I was young. So, to see Mina here pulling off a totally good set like this- I’m a happy girl. The truth is, this set is kind of simple but it shows a simple set can still be captivating and make you want to keep looking. It can stay in your mind and make you want more. That to me is the mark of a good set of any kind. Mia might be going for the “panda” look, or maybe the “racoon”, “Marilyn Mason” or “Taylor Momsen” look (any of you who have done the heavy black eyeshadow look know what I’m talking about!) but it really doesn’t matter because she looks freakin’ amazing as her. Next time I go for the black eyeliner, I’ll be going for a “Mia” look instead of a panda!


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