GothicSluts: Abigail De’Ath Lets Us In Her Dungeon

Abigail De’Ath let’s us into her dungeon for this shoot and boy does it make me happy. I mean, just look around at the place it looks gorgeous! Though not as gorgeous as Abigail De’Ath.

I love unique sets and this is very unique. From the way that Abigail De’Ath looks (with her sharp brow, jet black hair, leather, tattoos, and bright red lipstick) to the setting of the room. It is, without a doubt, sexy. But the thing I love most about this is the classic goth aspect to it. I mean, can you get much more goth than a black leather bra? The dungeon just makes everything all the better, and kinda makes me want to get to know this lady a little more!

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Here is another sexy series Amelia and I shot with gothic cutie Abigail De’Ath, over in her awesome and well appointed dungeon space. I love her classic spooky look, and she’s just really pleasant to hang out with. Anyhow, I think these turned out really sexy and fun. Hope you enjoy them as well.


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