Cosmid: Jordan B Plays Strip Poker and We Win

Jordan B may not be good at poker, or maybe she just feels like stripping for us. Either way, this set is everything that could go right during a game of strip poker. A gorgeous woman who seems to be having fun taking her clothes off covered in colorful tattoos. Like, really can we talk about that Cinderella one? She was always my favorite Disney Princess.

Midday sets are always fun, and Jordan B livens things up fast. Quickly shedding her top to show off a good portion of those tattoos that I’m quickly falling in love with- and teasing for a few others that you’ll have to wait for her pants to come off to actually see. And it’s worth it. Not going to lie, this make me want to go out and find some poker buddies!

Cosmid writes:

I thought I would give you guys another mid day update today just because I feel like it. So just to keep things interesting, how about a little strip poker with Jordan.. that seems like it would be fun.

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