BurningAngel: CindyQueenOfHell- Part II

So, here’s part 2 of BurningAngel‘s “CindyQueenOfHell”. In the first part we saw how Cindy‘s mother fucked both Lucifer and Leviathan, and in this one, even though she’s skeptical about her mother’s story, she wants to find out more. This takes us to this part’s story: The “virgin”sacrifice, which is actually a gangbang full on fucking exciting action, and a few funny stuff.
The Satanic Priest, Tommy Pistol and his assistants Gage Sin and Owen Gray are ready to sacrifice the maiden Lily Lane in the name of Lucifer.
One horny girl and three guys are sure to make for a very kinky orgy, as you’re about to see.
There is a lot of cocksucking, and Lily Lane seems to be enjoying having both her pussy and her tight ass stuffed. After a face full of cum she’s satisfied and she suddenly feels the presence of Cindy. For a hardcore session of blowjobs, double penetration, cum shots and more, check out the video as well!

Burning Angel writes:

Young people from Hollywood try to do all sorts of fun and stupid ritualistic stuff (that doesn’t work) to get Lucifer’s attention, including getting gang-banged by three cocks. Enter Satanic Priest Tommy Pistol, Assistants to the Satanic Priest Gage Sin and Owen Gray, and Lily Lane, tonight’s “virgin” sacrifice, ass-fucked, DP’d and double-stuffed in her pussy in the name of the Dark Lord! By the end, they were all dripping sweat and bodily fluids – and as if possessed by the Devil himself, Lily felt Cindy’s presence!

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