BlueBlood: Dorothy And Sonja Play Fight With Cake and Syrup- And Kiss To Make Up

Oh baby it’s cold outside. Living in Canada at the end of November it’s to be expected- but just looking at this set can warm you right up. Take a peek for yourself and try to tell me it doesn’t get you hot! There has been a lot of cake going around AltPorn.Net recently (Just click here or here to see for yourself!) and this set is just as fun as the rest. BlueBlood new comer, Sonja and Dorthy seem to have a lot of fun decorating the cake, but even more fun getting themselves and each other dirty with both the cake and the decorating supplies. My favorite part? The makeup kiss at the end of this set.

I want to take a quick second to welcome Sonja to BlueBlood! I hope we get to see lots more of this gorgeous lady! I have to say, BlueBlood sets always look like they would be so much fun to be on! As I keep looking at more and more at this set- and at Dorothy, I Just think the Ultra Happy Alarm coffee table book is going to be, like this set is full on, so freakin’ cute. Wouldn’t you agree?

Blue Blood writes:

When it starts getting really chilly outside, here are some desert desserts to keep you warm. Photographer Clix shoots more lesbian cake goodness with Dorothy and newcomer Sonja. If you enjoy Dorothy a.k.a. Audra a.k.a. Happy Alarm’s work, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter. Just a few more days left to check it out.
–Amelia G


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