GodsGirls: Talia -Desired

Talia is one of my favorite models on GodsGirls because she’s so creative and she’s such a beautiful and sexy dark soul, I fell in love with her ever since I wrote about her Sacrilege photo set. This one is epic! Talia is wearing a two piece PVC outfit, which is red and has an inverted cross on it. She also has a cute leather choker with a heart in the middle and gorgeous dark makeup. She has some pretty backlights, and in some pictures, there’s a dominant red light which makes the pictures look so erotic and sexy like they’ve been taken in a dominatrix dungeon or some erotic movie. Talia is showing off her perfect boobs, long legs and beautiful face, and the whole photo set is a work of art.

GodsGirls writes:

Hey hi! I’m Talia!
I’m a smutty princess currently living in Philadelphia. My days are full of coffee, laughs, nudity and weed. I’m quirky as fuck and weird to boot.

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