GodsGirls: Blath poecilotheria metallica

First of all, if you don’t know what poecilotheria metallica is, it is a species of tarantula, and I think the title has been chosen because Blath‘s lingerie kind of resembles it, but I might be wrong, however, one thing is certain, Blath keeps getting hotter and hotter, and this is one of the most arousing photo sets of her I’ve seen so far. The pictures are so fucking pretty, well focused and creative, they look like something drawn out of an erotic magazine.Blath shows off her beautiful curvy body that looks stunning in that lingerie, and she slowly strips as she keeps teasing the viewer with different poses and angles of her perky tits and juicy ass. Check out the entire gallery for a wonderful work of erotic art!

GodsGirls writes:

Pint-sized punk photographer shows pink.

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