BarelyEvil: Dorothy’s frog cafe

Dorothy is not your average alternative model. She’s colorful, cute and always sweet. She has a unique style and her overall appeal makes her look like a character from a fairy tale, or something else colorful, either way, you can’t help but smile and fall in love with this girl!

In this shoot, taken by Amelia G and Forrest Black, she’s more colorful than ever, and she’s having a little tea party with her frog toys, wearing her usual cat ears headpiece and a cute dress that fits her very well.

Of course the sweet Dorothy has a sexy side as well, so she undresses to let the viewer get a glimpse of it. Her perky boobs and round ass are just perfect, and those legs…to cum for! She is also very flexible, bending all over that chair showing off all angles of her hot naked body.

If you like Dorothy‘s art, make sure you support her on Kickstarter, she is doing a coffee table book!

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

This is actually the outfit Dorothy showed up to the shoot in, just her everyday clothing. As you can see, her everyday clothes are so adorable, it is necessary to immortalize them. Please check out the Kickstarter to make an Ultra Happy Alarmcoffee table book to immortalize Dorothy’s style and art. Thanks!

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