BurningAngel: Veronica Rose Post-Workout Play

BurningAngel always has good videos/pictures- don’t you agree? Today, shockingly, they are bringing something awesome to the table. Veronica Rose and Xander Corvus have a little post yoga fun. First of all, who doesn’t love yoga? And second, who doesn’t love sex after yoga? Just watch the preview for the video and you’ll get to see Veronica Rose in some fun positions! Really, I’m shocked you’re still reading this after reading that!

Veronica Rose is flat-out gorgeous, with green hair, piercing eyes, stretched ears, and some of the most captivating tattoos I’ve seen in a long time- I really love the chest one! She also sounds like the kinda girl I’d love to hang out with, but when checking her out the thing that stood out to me the most was what she said when she was asked why she was a BurningAngel. “I get such an amazing feeling of comfort and camaraderie whenever I’m around you guys<3"

Burning Angel writes:

There is something so beautiful about a woman in yoga pants – especially when they’re on Veronica Rose. Maybe it’s because they like to take care of their bodies, maybe it’s the prospect of seeing their inked skin glisten with sweat and the scent of a hard work out, or maybe it’s just those sweet round asses that look so perfect wearing such a garment. Either way, Xander Corvus is going heat things up during cool down to help stretch out Veronica’s throat and tight pussy. Who doesn’t love a little post-workout ass licking and jizz? She deserves it the most after working that ass so hard!


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