BurningAngel: Amber Ivy Goes From Cute to Sexy Gamer Girl

Video games or boobs?> Which would you choose?

It’s a tough choice. But thankfully BurningAngel has got us covered. The set I want to show you today means you don’t have to make the choice! Amber Ivy is bringing us video games and boobs, well and a whole lot more. So, when it comes to this shoot you’re in for a treat. With kitty ears “Kitty” Amber Ivy has this whole “cute gamer girl” thing going on. That is, until she takes off all her clothes, then it’s more “sexy gamer girl” and I’m not sure how we can get much better. But the cool thing about this girl is that the shoot isn’t just for show. She does play video games, and when asked her favorite she responds: “Catherine!!!”

Burning Angel writes:

I love it when redheaded gamer girl and pretty kitty Amber Ivy takes control. She really fondles a d-pad like a champ, and has nice boobs and a pink pussy you’ll want to bury your face in. You could say she’s purrrfection in those kitty cat ears and braided pigtails, yum!

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