BlueBlood: Dorothy Devours Dessert

Seems to me, Dorthy has a bit of a sweet tooth. I’ve got to admit, she’s just what I need to cure my sweet tooth, though. I mean, take a look for yourself, she’s freakin’ adorable.

Dorthy always has a whole lotta fun going on in her sets. This is no exception. Look at the excitement on her face as she gets dirtier and dirtier! I know I rave about BlueBlood pretty much every time I mention them, but there is a reason for that. They are great and they do some awesome stuff with their models. They also have a lot of cool stuff going on, like Dorothy’s Ultra Happy Alarm coffee table book.

Blue Blood writes:

Some people’s garages are so dull that they are filled with cars and spare tools or old clothes. Photographer Clix’s garage is covered in plastic and filled with naked girls and dessert. Normally, I would save a shoot with a Halloween cake for Halloween, but, hey, every day is Halloween, and I’m very excited about the Kickstarter for Dorothy’s coffee table book, so I wanted to post this now. Thanksgiving, Halloween, one of those.
–Amelia G


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