BlueBlood: Dorothy and Harley Greens Get Busy With Blue Icing and Whipped Cream

Icing. Tasty, sweet, fun to play with. Just ask Dorothy and Harley Greens, I’m sure they will tell you. Or, maybe if you feel a picture is worth it’s weight in proof. If so, I’ve got a few pictures you need to see. I mean, really I could tell you that the purple hair, tattoos, blue icing, and whipped cream look amazing together- or you can look for yourself.

But really, this set is wonderful. And a huge shout out to the photographer for doing such a great job capturing the fun, spunky, and freakin’ adorable vibe. Honestly, these photos, to me, just look like a preview of what we’re in store for with Ultra Happy Alarm, thanks to the lovely and colorful Dorothy who is working with BlueBlood to put together a coffee table book. Which I am super excited for!

Blue Blood writes:

This weekend, we are getting all buckwild with new models and Clix’s lesbian cake play. This is Harley Greens, getting all frosted with Dorothy. Clix says that photographing them, “The level of adorableness these two ladies is just unmatchable.” I’d have to agree. If you enjoy unmatchable adorableness, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter today.
–Amelia G


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