Champion Of Hotness VeronicaChaos Sailor Moon Cosplay

VeronicaChaos is showing you more of that sexy style of hers while she cosplays as Sailor Moon. Her costume is really well done, and the scenery she has put together here is fascinating, because she is not only wearing that outfit that looks gorgeous on her, but she has also set an inviting and creative stage where rose petals are flying through the screen and you can also see the moon behind her.

Of course, she gives you plenty of sexy things to look at here, and let me tell you, you haven’t yet lived until you see the gorgeous VeronicaChaos dressed as Sailor Moon and spanking her bare ass. She just does it with such provocativeness and flair that it’s very easy to be aroused by the exquisite view.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

18+ X-Rated Ventriloquist // indie art&smut film-maker // ridiculous camgirl // I make the puppet porn you didn’t know you needed


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