Alarm Audra Kawaii Coffee Table Book

“I made a bit of a career out of what I love and I feel really really fortunate to be able to do that.”

I know I’ve raved about BlueBloods before. Well, really I do that every time I see a set by them but for good reason! Today, I found another reason. Alarm Audra is in the process of putting out a kawaii inspired coffee table book. Yes, it includes nudes. And so much other cool stuff including her own artwork! You know what else is cool? Forrest Black is going to be helping, which means that the same designer who has helped Dandy Warhols, Radiohead, and Everclear is helping with this book! How can it not come out awesome? It just makes me even more excited to check out.

All my fangirling aside, this is a really cool project. As an artist I love seeing other artists thrive and I love seeing them follow their passion. And the truth is, I have no doubt this is going to be a really cool book, which is why I’m encouraging you all to check out the Kickstarter page, even if it is just for more info, but donating not only gets you the book, but also gets your name in the book and other swag like T-shirts, fan signs, character sketches, and even a chance to chat with Alarm Audra. Check out Kickstarter for more info and the cutest sexy video. Watch to the end for cake naked.

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