GothicSluts: Annika Amour Looking Like a 1940’s Dame

This set is all about the femme fatal vibe and I’m getting it as I scroll through the pictures, often stopping to admire them. Annika Amour is freakin gorgeous. In a way, she’s very soft looking in this shoot but she screams don’t f**k with me and I wouldn’t take the risk if it were me Being a pre-code film lover I know just how scary a dame can be!

But Annika Amour doesn’t need to be scary. Aside from the fact that she is utterly gorgeous, one thing I love about this set is the unique angles and the way that it captivates me. It makes me want to see more but it also makes me want to keep looking at the same photo. Actually, I would totally consider having a (semi) tame print of this framed!

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

I love the angles of Annika Amour’s face. She is very sweet, but she has the countenance of a 1940’s film star femme fatale. Forrest Black and I decided to go for that look with Annika and her femme fatale must-have accessory the little veiled hat.
–Amelia G


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