BadMax: Masuimi and Idelsy indulge in a little horseplay

BadMax always offers something a bit different with their photoshoots. Sometimes vampy, sometimes kinky, sometimes a wee bit scary and sometimes, like this one, it’s kitsch. In fact, in this shoot, Masuimi Max and her friend Idelsy ride that pony right on past being kitsch and right onto the edge of camp.

Masuimi is dressed in a shimmering salmon-pink wig and neon-green tinged panties, and Idelsy, with her electric lavender hair and fuschia lips, is riding a bright pink rocking horse with a long, mane, the shade of which would make a flamingo feel as grey as a pigeon. The whole thing could only be more fabulous if someone shot off glitter cannons full of confetti and baby unicorns while the infamous beat from Donna Summer’s I Feel Love played on an unending loop in the background.

Both girls are seemingly fully aware of this and ham it up appropriately for the camera, horsing around (pun intended) together and throwing a few theatrical expressions as they do so. Masuimi, as always, brings her all to the set and, true to form, made a great choice in her co-star, Idelsy. Another great shoot from BadMax that’s kitschy, campy, cool, a little bit fierce and as hot as pink sunshine.

Masuimi Max writes:

Idelsy loved my pony so much she had to come over and play with it! We are wearing matching Pinup Girl Clothing bikinis, they remind me of candy and ice cream.. so does our hair! XOXO, Masuimi

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