British Blath and Rebel come out of the shell

Blath and Rebel are beautiful and sexy. This nice pair of exquisite British girls is surrounded by a white cold lighted room, and our wish would involve sharing that bed between them both. They are such a tease wearing those black girltrunks, aren’t they? Feeling bolder now, Blath reached up the bottoms of Rebel‘s shirt and just had to feel those large tits without the hindrance of the fabric. After Blath runs her hands over her, she explores Rebel‘s nice big ass, as she mischievously looks for some action. As they get to be more confident about their way of touching, the lovely ginger girl keeps her sight on her partner’s beautiful attributes. Her hands were slowly moving across the bare body of her mate, so Blath had to return the favor touching Rebel the same way. Her fingers and palms trailed over her nipples and felt their hardness. Once they get fully naked, Rebel spreads Blath’s ass and let us see this delicious pussy and tight pink hole. Ultimately, these curvy cuties had a damn sweet time together.

GodsGirls writes:

Friendship is getting naked and squishing your boobs together the first time you meet. For us, anyway.


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