GothicSluts: In The Shower With Penny Poison

If you’ve been around AltPorn for a little while then chances are you know Penny Poison and there is a reason for that. She’s gorgeous, interesting, beautiful- and have you seen her tongue?

Okay, okay I won’t get a head of myself. I love steamy hot showers in the cold weather but looking at Penny Poison’s recent set of her in the shower is a different kind of way to fee a little warmer. There is a reason this lovely lady is so so popular and it’s not just because she’s hot (or because of her awesome tongue) it’s because she is awesome.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

I really appreciate Penny Poison indulging Amelia G’s desire to shoot some hot pictures of messy eyeliner running down Penny’s sexy face. I kind of love the creepy shots of her intriguingly cool split tongue on the foggy glass shower too. I think I might have to update my phone’s screen lock image again so I have a new pic of Penny licking the inside of the glass. Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed shooting them.
Forrest Black~


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