CrazyBabes Bella and Charlotte’s hot bathroom sex

Wellcome to the dirty, raw and sinful world of CrazyBabe! This very generous photoset features two punk-rock hotties, Bella and Charlotte, as they let loose in a bathroom stall. I’m sure we can all find this situation somewhat relatable: worn down downtown club, tiny bathroom full of graffiti (and you don’t wish to know what else), getting down and dirty with your honey for the night. Yes, it’s a little nasty, a little dangerous, and completely hot.

The two girls display some extremely hot lesbian action. They’re both stunning and cool as fuck – the ink, the wild hair, the piercings and sexy fishnet stockings; they have it all! The photographer, the legendary Bob Coulter, does a brilliant job with capturing their chemistry and raw lust. The angles the photos are shot in are just so brilliantly dirty, and we are able to see the ladies in almost a POV fashion. The images capture every moment of the licking, sucking, biting, mounting – and trust me, you won’t want to miss a single shot.

CrazyBabe writes:

Bella & Charlotte

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