BurningAngel: Cindy Queen of Hell Part I

I’ve waited for this for so long, and it’s finally here, the BurningAngel masterpiece, “CindyQueenOfHell”, and it is only part one, yes, there is more! But let me tell you about this one first!

So, Cindy or Lucinda is turning 21 and her mother, Raven tells her all about how she met her real father.

It turns out in the 80’s, Raven (Joanna Angel) went to this concert, “The Ninth Circle”.

Raven was horny after the concert, so she went looking for some hot action, and the bandmembers Lucifer (Xander Corvus) and Leviathan (Small Hands) were ready for some hell raising!

Raven was more than happy to get her pussy and her ass fucked by some hard demon cock, so it ended up being a hell of a threesome.

There’s an interesting story line, a rocking song, Joanna Angel looks hotter than hell in that gothy outfit, Xander Corvus and Small Hands make some fucking awesome demons/rockstars, not to mention the story and all the hot action, I mean, there’s two demons fucking a hot goth chick, need I say more?!

Make sure you watch the video as well and remember, this is only the first part!

Burning Angel writes:

It was Cindy’s 21st birthday, and strange things started to happen. Her mother Raven (Joanna Angel) decided it was time for her to learn the truth about her father and where she came from. Flashback to the 80s where the younger goth non-conformist heads to a Halloween costume party in LA, in the 80s. Everything changed when she saw Ninth Circle play on stage that fateful night – because she got double stuffed in her pussy and ass by band members Satan (Xander Corvus) and his homeboy Leviathan (Small Hands), when Lucifer accidentally jizzed inside of her!! And that’s how Lucinda (Leigh Raven), actual daughter of the Devil, came to be!






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