EroticFandom: Edyn Nyx all dolled up and lovely!

EroticFandom has some of the most beautiful and fascinating photo sets, and this one is one of the prettiest, cutest most interesting I have seen yet.

The beautiful Edyn Nyx looks just like a doll, a perfect real life doll, and her look makes me think of a combination between nu-goth and bubble goth.

She has this beautiful pink wig, a pink dress that makes her gorgeous body stand out even more, white stockings and cute accessories: a heart choker, kitty ears and lots of bows and ribbons.

Edyn Nyx touches up her blue lipstick and takes a few more poses with the mirror as if she’s trying to catch a glimpse of the world behind the mirror.

I love how Edyn Nyx keeps her doll face expressions in all of the shots and how her naked body looks so beautiful and flawless, just like a doll.

Erotic Fandom writes:

I’m happy to introduce the talented Edyn Nyx to Blue Blood’s EroticFandom crew. Amelia G and I really enjoy seeing the original Cosplay and Dolly transformations Edyn does and it was lots of fun to get the chance to work together. I hope you like these as much as we do!

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