BurningAngel: Vampires do it better!

BurningAngel never ceases to amaze me with their hardcore photo shoots and amazing hot videos with tattooed babes that make the world of alternative porn so much fucking better. In this photo set/video Ophelia Rain is portraying the hot Vampirella and she’s sucking every last drop of her passionate lover, portrayed by Chad Alva. She is wearing a sexy red outfit and she looks so dark and mysterious, no vampire or human could ever resist her.Ophelia Rain, or better said Vampirella, makes her loyal lover work his ass off to please her, and she rides him ever harder. The video is so fucking hot I can’t even begin to describe it, but you’ll surely want to watch it after you see the pictures. Of course, there’s a lot of oral sex, blowjobs, deep throat and pussy eating, some spanking as well, because vampires do it better, and harder!

Burning Angel writes:

Ophelia Rain channels her inner immortal vampire from another planet, as she roleplays Vampirella, the otherwordly bloodlusting creature with Chad Alva, her smitten servant along for the ride. There must be some bodily fluid other than blood she can access that could feed her race.. SEMEN, what a brilliant idea! She would suck and fuck every last drop of lifegiving jizz out of him, providing it to her quite willingly. And he’d please his mistress’s vampire pussy in the process with his tongue and eager throbbing cock. This is something she could really sink her teeth into.

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