GodsGirls: Charity and Fallen Leaves

I love fall. I really do, you’ve got the pretty leaves, you’ve got pumpkins, you’ve got Halloween coming up- and this set by Gods Girls just rocks all of those themes.

Charity starts off in a plaid shirt (can you get more ‘fall fashion’ than plaid?) and the second I saw her sitting on top of a pumpkin I knew I was going to like her and this set. I mean, looking at her in those cute little pigtails with all those tattoos how can you not like her? But, that should be an obvious one. The orange of the leaves and the pumpkin is very visually appealing, coupled with Charity and her tatooss, piercings, and blonde hair- you really coudln’t have asked for better. But this set is all about Charity and she rocks every picture. Each one is interesting and fun. Just look at the little snarl in there! What’s not to love?

GodsGirls writes:

I’m English, but living in MI.
I love sushi and go-karts.
I hate spiders and june bugs.
I am a whizz with a handgun.
I live in a log cabin.
I like monster trucks and bad fairground rides.
Speed obsessed.
Dogmatic, apparently.


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