GodsGirls: Bambi-pumpkin-spice hotte

Oh yes, autumn is upon us, with the beautiful landscapes, pumpkin spice, and many other goodies, but one of the best things about autumn is definitely the Halloween part, and Bambi couldn’t have portrayed it better. She is wearing a black costume with a giant pumpkin head. If you find it creepy or funny, wait until you see what hides under that pumpkin!
Bambi has a pretty face, her red lips, and big eyes, that raven hair with a bit of red in it, she could be Snow White next Halloween. As she takes off her clothes, you will see that besides being beautiful and funny, she also has a smoking hot body.
Check out Bambi‘s entire photo set if you want to see more!

GodsGirls writes:

I’ll be showing a bit of my sweet side; a bit of my evil side; and a lot of my nerdy side here! Be on the lookout for Bambi Belle!

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