Catjira is Bambi’s Dead Mom for Halloween

Catjira is wearing one of the most disturbing Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen. If you were traumatized, as a child, by Bambi’s mom getting murdered by Disney, then you will be scared and unsettled by Catjira‘s costume today, where she is dressed as Bambi’s mom. I never knew how fucking hot a deceased deer could be. Catjira is an energetic and entertaining conversationalist, discussing everything from liking hair on a dick to shopping for vegan food to liking her accounting classes and anatomy classes the best. I think studying accounting and anatomy is probably excellent background for being an awesome cam girl. Catjira shares that she gets straight A’s in everything anyway though. Catjira is capable of conversation, while she is simultaneously wearing tight nipple clamps and running ice cubes all over her hot body. It is free to register a profile to join the conversation.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

A Critically Acclaimed, Cult Classic Cam Girl ♡ Nude/Fetish Model | ⓋActivitst | MFC CamGirl | Cosplayer | MV Girl

Edit: Now Kermit is one lucky muppet because apparently he is into rope bondage and he knows Catjira.

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